The Five Biggest Mistakes a Seller Can Make

When attempting to sell your home there are tactical errors that many home sellers make that can cost them the sale. Selling a home can be an emotional experience and because of that it’s easy to make mistakes that cost money. Here are the top five mistakes homeowners make.

Mistake #1: Not pricing for the current market.

By far, the biggest mistake a seller can make is to not pay strict attention to how they price their property in relation to what the current market can bare. The most important time to price your home correctly is when it first goes on the market, so price it right the first time.

Often a seller invites a real estate agent in to advise the homeowner on what they should ask for their home. The seller then argues that they want to ask more for their house or that it is worth more.

You may win the initial negotiation with your agent, but you may lose out when buyers walk away when they realize your home doesn’t match market value.

Mistake #2: Not getting the home ready to put on the market.

Take a few moments to view your home through the eyes of a prospective purchaser. Less is always more. For more information on getting your home ready to put on the market please read How to Prepare Your House for Sale. As your realtor I would be happy to walk through your home and make suggestions on how to prepare your home so it shows well.

Mistake #3: Making it impossible for people to see the home.

Many sellers prefer to show their home at their own convenience. They demand a lot of notice time from their agent. The reality is that if you’re serious about selling your home, you’ll make it available at a moment’s notice. Set up a little a schedule with family members to do some tidy up of your home each morning.This way your home will be available to show at almost any time.

Savvy sellers want buyers to see their home as fast as possible before they find something they like better.

Mistake #4: Refusing to consider offers that are not full price.

Most buyers like to negotiate in hopes of getting a better deal than the asking price. This is the case in most selling situations. If you limit yourself to full price offers you may miss the one that gets your home sold. Be prepared to negotiate.

Mistake #5: Frustrating the pending-to-closing process.

Once the seller has an accepted offer, it is important to remain flexible. Make your home available to the building inspector and/or appraiser. Sellers sometimes think because the offer has been accepted that the deal is done. Sells can fall apart when a seller becomes uncooperative.

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